When A Master Speaks


Many times we hear about how to rise our frequency, or how to achieve a particular state of consciousness. And it’s great! I write about it myself, because tools that are useful to us can be to someone else out there, too.

But today I want to write about the responsibility inherent to that higher frequency states. We have to become more responsible, not because a wise person suddenly shows up and tells us “You have to do such and such”. We have become the wise person, and we start to realize that we need to rethink our conduct in the world.

What happens is the following.

By rising our frequency, we start to deal with increasing amounts of energy in our lives. And the same as trying to handle a very big hose with water pouring from it profusely, it is not so easy as with a smaller one. It is not hard either, but we have to be more careful with it, because it’s more difficult to move around. And in the same fashion, we have to be very aware of what we say and do.

That’s why, as we walk further and further from fear and suffering, and more towards love and light, we have to take full responsibility of our words and actions. Each thing we do will move great amounts of universal energy in our direction. Each word we pronounce will carry a great power with it. If we use those words with love, we will do great good to the people around us. If we don’t, and we speak those words with fear, we will be contributing to increase the confusion this world lives in.

Thus the importance of being consistent with what we feel, think, and do (I wrote more extensively about this concept of congruence in an earlier post). If we observe wise individuals, they are consistent with every aspect of their lives. When a Master speaks, the universe conspires to weave her words into the fabric of reality. When a Master speaks, she is fully aware of the weight of her words.

Lying lowers our frequency. If we aren’t dealing with great amounts of energy in our lives, maybe we are able not to suffer such heavy a toll. But when we are vibrating at a high frequency, each dishonest act (even with ourselves, or better, especially with ourselves) only contributes to sink us more into fear. It is as if the universe knew it is granting us a power we are not using properly, so it takes it back from us. Of course, this is maybe a childish way to put it, but it illustrates the idea.

The same happens with our actions. Or with our actions and our words. Each time we say something and do something different, we are little by little lowering the level of energy at which we are functioning. This in itself is not bad: as I always say, we are not here to judge, but only to communicate and express ourselves. But we are more likely to fall into the illusion of fear, and therefore, to suffer.

Each time we lie and/or are dishonest, it is because we fear what can happen to us. We forget that by reaching ever higher states of consciousness, we are actually safer. The Master cannot be harmed nor cause any harm, because to her, the concept of attack and damage is an illusion. In essence, she attracts that which is in the same frequency as her. And because she vibrates in love, love is what she attracts.

Next time we are going to say or do something that we aren’t comfortable with, let’s think about it more carefully. If we do it anyway, let’s not blame ourselves, for blame (and guilt) is one of our greatest enemies. But let’s take responsibility (very different from blame!) and try to do differently next time. In time, simple observation of the results will tell us what’s best for us.

// Source of the picture: starwars.com


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